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1 the state of high or excessive activity or productivity or concentration; "Troops are ready to go into overdrive as soon as the signal is given"; "Melissa's brain was in overdrive"
2 a high gear used at high speeds to maintain the driving speed with less output power


1 drive or work too hard; "The teacher is overworking his students"; "Overdriving people often suffer stress"
2 make use of too often or too extensively [syn: overuse] [also: overdrove, overdriven]

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  1. A gear on an automobile.
  2. A state of heightened activity.


A gear on an automobile
A state of heightened activity

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Hydromatic, automatic transmission, burden, busy, carry too far, cogwheel, differential, differential gear, drive, exaggerate, exhaust, fag, freewheel, gear, gear train, gearbox, gearing, gearshift, gearwheel, go overboard, go to extremes, go too far, high, intermediate, keep busy, know no bounds, low, neutral, oppress, overact, overcarry, overdevelop, overdo, overelaborate, overemphasize, overexercise, overexert, overexpend, overindulge, overlabor, overplay, overreact, overspend, overstrain, overstress, overstudy, overtask, overtax, overtrain, overuse, overwork, pass all bounds, protest too much, rack, reverse, standard transmission, stick shift, sweat, synchromesh, task, tax, transmission, work
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